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    Smart & Simple
    Lectro E-Cycles believe in transforming lives by bringing advanced technology to people which is simple and intuitive.
    The world around is rapidly evolving and so are our choices. E-Cycles are ushering in smart connected solutions for commuting and leading an active lifestyle. Safe. Convenient and Futuristic, they truly are going to change the world around us. Change The World Designed for
    Commute & Fun
    The Commute range of E-Cycles are skillfully designed for city and urban usage. Built on the classic hybrid model frames, these E-Cycles have a light and sleek 6061 Alloy frame suited for riding on metallic and tarred roads of the city. Safety is of prime importance for all LECTRO Products which is why the ‘Commute Series’ have a set of comfortable alloy brake levers which engage a specially designed Power Braking system which is effective and durable.
    A Cargo Utility EBike Cargo bikes are mainly used for business purposes and the same goes with the Lectro Winn. It has been designed for cargo transport and grocery delivery in an eco-friendly way. Its purpose build frame design allows maximum weight carrying and storage capacity without losing balance. The front and back carrier can carry up to 70kg and 180 liters of load which is much higher than any other two-wheelers.



    Lectro E-Cycles currently has 600+
    dealer network across the globe.

    Lectro E-Cycles want their e-bikes to transform people’s lives into a more healthier and sustainable lifestyle.

    Lectro is a bike and E-Bike manufacturer from India. Lectro is one of the biggest bike manufacturers in the world. Lectro is all about pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. Lectro is working towards revolutionizing the mobility and short-distance commute around the world and by doing so contributing to a healthier and greener life.

    Lectro’s aim is to design quality products matched with striking good looks. Lecro’s e-bikes are fun, environment-friendly and an ideal way to stay fit and healthy.

    C6 EBike C6 EBike Max Speed: < 25Kmph
    Max Power: < 250W
    Up to 35 km on pedelec & 30 km on throttle
    Charging Time: ~4 Hrs
    C7+ EBike Max Speed: < 25Kmph
    Max Power: < 250W
    Up to 35 km on pedelec & 30 km on throttle
    Charging Time: ~4 Hrs
    C7+ EBike
    C8 EBike C8 EBike Max Speed:< 25Kmph
    Max. Power:< 250W
    ~30Km (Pedalec), ~25Km (Throttle) (*with 70 Kg Rider Weight)
    Charging Time: ~4 Hrs
    01 - C6 EBike 02 - C7+ EBike 03 - C8 EBike
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    Reasons to buy an e-bike


    If you have big ideas or looking to join our growing list of dealers and resellers across the country, please reach out. Our dealers and resellers provide the vital link between provider and consumer. As one of dealers or resellers you will be provided with world class training, backup and support around the clock. This is further supported by marketing and technical support.