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    Leaders in Short Distance Transportation

    Evo Motors distributes short-distance commercial vehicles, golf carts and side by sides to the farming,
    agricultural and security sectors. Our products are used around the country on all types of terrains.

    Evo Motors has been operating in the leisure and commercial small-vehicle industry in sub Saharan Africa for the last fifteen years. We consider ourselves a unique distribution company. We have a passion for short distance transportation. We partner with worlds best mobility brands to bring to market some of the worlds most advanced technology at affordable prices. This is to ensure that our clients have complete peace of mind when clients either rent or buy our products. Today, more and more people are using eco-friendly alternative for many of the short journeys that are typically made by car.

    Our world is changing. The options people have to move around the urban environment (and beyond) have significantly increased over the last 10 years and will continue to expand. Technology is getting faster, more accessible and more affordable. This in turn has an impact in the way in which we move around be it on the golf coarse, in our estates or in the urban environment.

    ~ Jonathan Cohen CEO


    Evo Motors distributes short distance commercial vehicles, golf carts and side by sides to the farming, agricultural and security sector. Our products are used country wide on all types of terrains and serviced by our national dealer network.

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    Green transportation revolves around efficient and effective use of resources, modification of the transport structure and making healthier travel choices. One of the main advantages of a lithium-ion battery-powered golf cart is that they have a much longer lifespan than a traditional lead-acid one

    19 %

    Through our country-wide dealer network, Evo Motors supplies the farming sector with All-Terrain Vehicles ( ATV’s ) and Side-By-Side Vehicles which are used as work vehicles on the farms. These vehicles become an integral part of the running of the farm.

    21 %

    Our ATVs are commonly used to inspect crops and livestock; to fertilize and apply chemicals; to inspect and repair irrigation systems and fence lines; to supervise field crews; to herd livestock; to transport timber; to mow grass, to move dirt and to transport things from here to there and back again.

    21 %

    Evo Motors provides 1000+ golf carts to the security sector. Each cart is monitored with a vehicle management system. We provide professional support and backup and our fleets are maintained on a monthly basis making sure there carts are looked after and running smoothly.

    6.8 %

    Our vehicles are used across the country. From zipping around town on one of our electric scooter to exploring new terrain with family and friends. With new technology comes new opportunity for people to search, explore and discover.